Monday, October 18, 2010

I am going to Arizona

I am going to visit family, but, I also plan to go to the Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden (that was displaying Chihuly work last visit) WHICH reminds me how much I love glass art and how much Dale Chihuly is the man. I saw thisssssssss!

I also visited the Phoenix Art Museum and saw the display of Louis Vuitton graffiti apparel and accessories. I wanted to become a thief right then & there.
Hope there are great things to photograph on my visit this week.

This Amazing Band:

called Crystal Fighters. they have me & hold my deep attention. I use a site to get a lot of new & more obscure music and these fine folks were there. I don't really know what caught my attention, I usually look for recent releases of things I have NEVER heard of, thus stumbling upon their awesomeness.
Their album Star Of Love is constantly in rotation on my PC & I cannot wait for them to (hopefully) put out a vinyl & come to the US around the west coast.

Even though I am unsure of the member consistency (two women & men, one woman & three men) the photos of "them" are also fabulous, as well as their great ideas/very low budget done right videos.

Get their album on their official website :

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I will have all zee plaid pleaze

Does this annoy you too? (not JUST that it is Miley but...)
Everyone thinks plaid is for them this year, but some of these people are almost out to kill the good name plaid has. I think the real downfall is when plaid is looking so forced (see above photo.)

I demand plaid to be unexpected and clever /or/ casual and straight out of the L.L. Bean catalog. No tuxedo ruffles or neon colors and no metallic threading please.

This wasn't going to start out as a rant, so let's move on & look at fabulous plaid.

1. Bear silouhette shirt is comfy & kooky. 2. Rodarte Spring/11  3. You don't have to be a Cubs fan to rock this tee. 4. Plaid lining on a jacket is very lady-like. 5. Plaid accessories can transition sthrough the weather. 6. Red plaid is a classic and so are heeled booties. 7. I still look to Rodarte Spring/10 for inspiration.

Do you mix your plaids with more plaid or prints? If so, send me a photo at: