Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Giles, Erdem, & Kane recap

Let me say, I loved all of these collections massively. I like classic pieces in thought, but in action, I want all of the crazy stuff that will supposedly be "out" in a season. I think the wild pieces are worth the investment, because you can't walk into Gap & get a see through glitter dress, where you can find well fitting slacks. So, Giles. Black black black, a goth & simple woman's dream. Mine as well! Black is my favorite color for just about everything on this earth (why do you think it's a little BLACK dress.)

I am on a high right now, & that high is prints - the bolder the better. Yes, I do want a persons face on my breasts & crotch. :)

Take THAT Lady Gaga. Something so beautiful & strange but still manageable if you can find a hair dresser that will treat your coat.

If I had no concern over peoples snarky remarks, I would wear see thru articles of clothing. This being at the TOP of my list. I have seen some pretty fly bitches rocking the see thru skirt with very modest undies. I kind of explode in my pants at how incredibly hot they look. These people never look overly sexual or provocative, it is what it is. Something see thru.

This could be one of the most interesting solid black dresses I have laid eyes on. First off, the fur patches just push you into the eccentric realm (which is just fine with me.) Where the high neck/sleeveless duo leaves room to show an amazing updo & of course your full tattoo sleeves.

Christopher Kane. When I saw his very first show I was slightly moved. But obviously it grew on me because I came back to look at his second collection, then third. Then I was completely hooked and a huge fan of his color palettes & references to very strong dressing. It does not matter how much you tone down his pieces with neutrals, you will still get all of the attention. This show was jaw dropping for me. I can't say I expected the grandma knit throws transitioning into bright sweaters, but it wasn't much off from his great reinventions. Where I really got interested was his waves. I can't see many people doing such bold waves that weren't big fabric ruffles, but he does it & makes it look so fun that I am sure we will see many people wearing.

I want to touch that top, it looks squishy!

Lingerie, sparkles, waves, pleating, drawstring waist. This is the mix of all things good.

I want to wear this grocery shopping.
Erdem!!!!!!! Could they do everything I want in color right now? Yes, turns out they are. Dark & bright? The best mix.
Some collections are filled with carpet worthy dresses, this is one of them.

Christina Hendricks is made to wear this? Right?!

Velvet artist full length dress, this would be one of my top picks for a night out.

Back to things that I love

 I have been skipping out on posting a lot lately. Seeing things I want to post & talk about, but alas, don't really find time.

Guess what I have today, TIME! I washed my carpets & am still waiting for them to dry (thus my excuse for runway ogling)

What a perfect time to ogle. Burberry's Fall show was one of their most amazing collections of coats. Lately we have looked to them for a twist of the ever classic fits, BUT, this show was very different to me. Not only were the colors extremely on, the shapes were even better. Everything looks like it came from an amazing vintage store. Quirky details of puffed sleeves (and I don't just mean the shoulders) to the fabulous toggles.

                                       First, I do like this cape, but I love the black cuff on the arm that looks VERY Batmanesque. 

 This color will forever be a staple. I don't care what season or year. Did I mention that this hat will sell out so fast that people are going to have to do some DYI's.
This shape is my favorite. Not only is it a total revamp of a classic trench, it looks like it can beat the cold winter weather with it's thickness.

Of course, there had to be fur of some sort. I am not a supporter of real fur, but I can see where it has it's place in fashion (just wish it was faux fur) and that place is exaggerated and on someones shoulders!

Yes to this all. Not only do I love the ropey bow belt, but the texture of this fabric makes this shape even more luxurious and feminine.

Of course, the man himself Christopher Bailey looks amazing in his speckled suit. *Sigh*