Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Girlz

  This entire post was inspired by St. Vincent's song "Cheerleader" off of her new album Strange Mercy.  I added some other songs to the mix for fun. :) Enjoy!

Best of Vegan Cooking/Eating

   Have you been considering eating vegan meals? Are you unsure of how to substitute ingredients of your favorite meals to make them vegan? Let's hope all of these can help! :)
What a staple for veganism!

Gotta have some basics!

Best selling for a reason!

Great reviews on how her recipes are easy.
30 minutes is usually all I have!
C is for cookie!

Tasty sweets? YES!

I met mcchris!

  Last week was SO nice. Friday evening I went to see James Blake on a whim (extra tickets from awesome brothers are awesome) and then the Mc Chris show I had planned on seeing months in advance was really great!

 His costume contest got things a little rowdy, raunchy girls wanted to smush him, but MC is a classy guy.  He read out her number slowly multiple times (she gave it to him with a note to "meet her after the show") so the audience was free to prank her for days to come. She also scratched his neck. What a warrior.

 On a personal level, you can tell he just loves his fans. Yes, some people are giant dickheads, but all in all, every fan buys merch, supports his comic, and helps support his charity to cure cerebral palsy. You can really see how much he loves his job & that he is self supported on his music.

  As for the costume contest, a perfect jiggle billy took first place. While surfing I found a great jiggle billy soundboard. Go play here!

 MC & I, yeah, horrible picture of me (lol) but I could careless. I met MC!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Burning Man

 My brother & niece both went to Burning Man this year. Both had a blast. My niece is a great photographer & her pictures are really amazing. You can look at the whole collection here.

James Blake Is Amazing

  I saw James last week live in Portland, Oregon at the Wonder Ballroom. A great location with an intimate small setting & acoustics, that was once an old church. First off, I just really love this venue. I have watched Deerhoof, Architecture in Helsinki, Dr. Dog, & Arctic Monkeys all play there & have never felt like the band was very far away. (Again, great acoustics)

  As for James Blake, he was just SPOT ON. He also sped up a few of his songs off of the CMYK album knowing that the crowd wanted to dance (at least a little.) I was very happy to see a diverse group of fans. From thirteen year old kids to people in the early forties. You are doing something right to get all that range in taste in one room.

  He came across as a really polite gentlemen & also a little bit of just a fun/funny guy. Also make sure you notice his drummer & guitarist/etc. They were outstanding with such distant beats that would make me lost! Overall, amazing show - a definite must see for anyone who loves hot guy musicians/minimalist performances/electro/JAMES BLAKE! :)

Sushi from Saburo's before the show.

Great pant detail & shoes outside waiting for sushi. Group of great dressed/cute Japanese kids waiting to go in.

Fork Over Knives

           A very interesting documentary about our diets. A big look at food consumption & the correlation between that & diseases. If you are considering putting more whole foods & vegan dishes into your diet, watch this movie. If you are skeptical about the health benefits, watch this movie.

 Also check out this great vegan blog:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Burberry Spring 2012

  Amazing. Amazing. I do mean to repeat myself. I haven't been moved from a spring collection like this one yet. I know I can rely on Christopher Bailey to make me drool over every coat, hat, & shoe that struts down the runway - & every time, I do.

 Color palettes that weren't contrived for seasons trends. Wild prints that were on trend (of course) but paired with stripe staples completed the look. I have been scared to try & mix prints, only for the fact that I don't want to go buy two things to see later that they do not work together. These stripes give me confidence as a consumer. Also, (to quote Rachel Zoe) "I DIE" for those applique beads.

Prime Instant TV

 Who is an Amazon addict? Anytime I want something I quickly check Amazons price & if I can get it in "subscribe & save."  I am also a Netflix user. Their old price was very convenient since I refuse to pay for cable (WAY too much money) - & when they switched to their new pricing method, I did not care, it wasn't in any way a large enough hike for me to worry. I also had decided I was ditching getting the DVD's - Grey's Anatomy was on instant watch, so I was okay.

 What I am really getting at is the Amazon Prime accounts now (for $79 a year) get instant tv! 11,000 shows & movies? Yes please! All I know is I am making the switch. Not only do you get the great prime shipping, the instant tv alone is worth $79.

  Check out what is available amongst the 11,000 titles!

  I like to blog about things I really actually like & find helpful. I am never trying to just "sell" something, I just love saving money/good deals! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011


"The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the unanimous view of all parts of my mind." - Malcolm McMahon