Tuesday, September 27, 2011

James Blake Is Amazing

  I saw James last week live in Portland, Oregon at the Wonder Ballroom. A great location with an intimate small setting & acoustics, that was once an old church. First off, I just really love this venue. I have watched Deerhoof, Architecture in Helsinki, Dr. Dog, & Arctic Monkeys all play there & have never felt like the band was very far away. (Again, great acoustics)

  As for James Blake, he was just SPOT ON. He also sped up a few of his songs off of the CMYK album knowing that the crowd wanted to dance (at least a little.) I was very happy to see a diverse group of fans. From thirteen year old kids to people in the early forties. You are doing something right to get all that range in taste in one room.

  He came across as a really polite gentlemen & also a little bit of just a fun/funny guy. Also make sure you notice his drummer & guitarist/etc. They were outstanding with such distant beats that would make me lost! Overall, amazing show - a definite must see for anyone who loves hot guy musicians/minimalist performances/electro/JAMES BLAKE! :)

Sushi from Saburo's before the show.

Great pant detail & shoes outside waiting for sushi. Group of great dressed/cute Japanese kids waiting to go in.

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