Monday, September 26, 2011

Prime Instant TV

 Who is an Amazon addict? Anytime I want something I quickly check Amazons price & if I can get it in "subscribe & save."  I am also a Netflix user. Their old price was very convenient since I refuse to pay for cable (WAY too much money) - & when they switched to their new pricing method, I did not care, it wasn't in any way a large enough hike for me to worry. I also had decided I was ditching getting the DVD's - Grey's Anatomy was on instant watch, so I was okay.

 What I am really getting at is the Amazon Prime accounts now (for $79 a year) get instant tv! 11,000 shows & movies? Yes please! All I know is I am making the switch. Not only do you get the great prime shipping, the instant tv alone is worth $79.

  Check out what is available amongst the 11,000 titles!

  I like to blog about things I really actually like & find helpful. I am never trying to just "sell" something, I just love saving money/good deals! :)

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