Thursday, September 29, 2011

I met mcchris!

  Last week was SO nice. Friday evening I went to see James Blake on a whim (extra tickets from awesome brothers are awesome) and then the Mc Chris show I had planned on seeing months in advance was really great!

 His costume contest got things a little rowdy, raunchy girls wanted to smush him, but MC is a classy guy.  He read out her number slowly multiple times (she gave it to him with a note to "meet her after the show") so the audience was free to prank her for days to come. She also scratched his neck. What a warrior.

 On a personal level, you can tell he just loves his fans. Yes, some people are giant dickheads, but all in all, every fan buys merch, supports his comic, and helps support his charity to cure cerebral palsy. You can really see how much he loves his job & that he is self supported on his music.

  As for the costume contest, a perfect jiggle billy took first place. While surfing I found a great jiggle billy soundboard. Go play here!

 MC & I, yeah, horrible picture of me (lol) but I could careless. I met MC!

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