Monday, September 19, 2011

Acne Spring 2012

 Acne is really bringing it! I love their color palettes & shapes. Color blocking is a favorite trend of mine, tying into minimalism & also maximal-ism as well. It is like having your cake & eating it too! ;) While I loved their clothing, & will probably cover it in another post, the accessories really grabbed me.

  We do not need to look to Kanye or Snooki for crazy eye wear inspirations. Statement eyeglasses seem to hone into every girls inner rockstar. And if they are really just out there, they are shades, the ultimate "hide behind them" piece. (Note: Ombre & nude? So on track.

 Their over sized tassels on their loafers & quirky stiletto heeled mules were so fresh! Nowadays everyone is rocking quirky shoes, with all the choices of unique curved heels & sky high wedges, safe is just plain boring. But every now and then, someone comes & reinvents a plain shoe to makes you double take! We all remember Marc Jacobs reverse heel - personally I found them thrilling - but also my favorite artist is Salvidor Dali, so that could have something to do with eye tricks. (Note: Glitter? So on track.)

  Simple bags with belted & fringe details look like a little collection of classic staples. And as everything in our life condenses; schedules & music fit in our phones, kindles hold our reading, swipe technology for payments, a small bag is really becoming the new practical size. Now only if we could condense our kids snacks, toys, and favorite blanky! (Note: Orange? So on track.)

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