Sunday, September 11, 2011

Band Of Outsiders Spring 2012 RTW

In trying to keep up with all of the Spring collections that have come out since NY Fashion Week has started, I realize that I need to not just quickly click through the pictures on, but, come back through & meticulously look at each outfit. Soak it in.

It was very easy to soak in Band Of Outsiders! Every look seemed effortlessly wearable. When you dissect each piece you see that they are all really just a great new collection of classic staples. A day dress, a unique hat, black & white looks that transition from day to night, a good trench coat, a tailored neutral suit, etc.

Maybe it was just wayyyy too up my alley. I love that you could easily punk up these looks, or keep them classic.
Definite transitional outfit.

That jacket, amazing.

Yes, I am considering red stripes a neutral.

Sexy city Zorro woman. Mmmmm...

That button up with jeans, yum.

Each piece could fit in so many styles.

That hem line is A-mazing.

Dip dye crochet. Can I reiterate that hat is amazing?

Day to night dress!

Scott Sternberg

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