Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nurses New Album Out Sept 19th

Portland, Oregon-based psych-pop act Nurses will release Dracula their new album September 19th. I first listened to them when their Apple's Acre album was released, my friend who was in art college at the time, helped make their album art & also did the visuals for their release show. This is not the case now, since he is now living in NY, but I can only imagine how proud he is to see them on Pitchfork getting good reviews (which can be very hard to do) & also with their great new video. Their sound is refreshing & doesn't sound forced in any way. A lot of Portland bands have a very "homegrown" sound.

Can I just say first & foremost, I LOVE PORTLAND, Oregon! I live very close to it & it has one of the best vibes. Of course it is hipster ridden, but I can't say it is completely a bad thing. Hipsters do spend money in local shops - dig new music - go to many shows - so they kind of help (if you want a silver lining.) But all in all, like any thriving city, it is very diverse! It is also one of the "greenest" cities around & a lot of local businesses are focused on recycling/upcycling, reusing, organics, and all things that are good - and very much Portland.

If you are in the UK, Dracula releases the 19th, so, fun for you! :)

Fever Dreams Official Video

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