Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pharaoh, Pharaoh, Oh Baby Let My People Go

  Precious gold, hieroglyphs, plated jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor? Well, as Cleopatra yes. Over the top? Definitely. Could you find me with giant beetles sown over my breasts? Probably. Not because it is "new" & "in-style" more on the fact that I am young & I love edgy, weird clothing.

  As much as I have been in love with gold, this did have a gold overkill -but Topshop Unique always goes wholeheartedly with a theme & vision & dresses their girls up as crazy as Cyndi Lauper in her hay-day. There isn't a single "forever classic" piece in their collection, & with their moderately priced pieces, they remind us fashion is FUN! You might want striped cut up biker shorts, & who could blame you? They are crazy & could be used in so many ways. You also might not want them in a year or two, but having fun & punching up you look now & then is a must. *Reminder, you are only young once.* So if the feeling overtakes you to get a metallic fanny pack, by all means - partake!

Suck on that flatform haters.

Love this piece of jewelry. Plain white tee & jeans... mmmm..
Crazy nails love.

Great neck line!

Favorite look!
Other favorite look & favorite accessory!

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