Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bill Cunningham (Weekly Documentary)

Bill Cunningham: One of the most excited & upbeat people in the fashion world. Riding around capturing personal style & calling trends before they hit since the sixties. This documentary gets close to Bill, closer than most of his friends. He is a creature of habit. Sleep, rise, jump on his bike, clickclickclick, do it all over again. His eye for beauty is exquisite, & the likes of Anna Wintour agrees. "We all get dressed for Bill" really does explain how he has changed how we look at fashion. He is not interested in celebrities, does not look at guest lists for events, he just wants to capture the clothes. He explains how to stay free, & also how to stay humble in a city that is all about money & status. Really just an amazing individual story to capture. He is just so grounded as a person, it is beautiful.

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