Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Favorite Old Comedy

 I have an older Mother who loved old classics. So naturally I am a huge fan of the old classic comedy shows.

"Heyyyy Abbott!" Everyone knows who's on first, (or maybe we still haven't figured it out yet.) These two guys make me laugh SO hard. Costello's physical comedy alone is gold. Also, I am happy to see you can watch them on Hulu Plus! (Which I just now got for my brand new Roku!) *Squeeee!

Classic doesn't EVEN cover it when it comes to Lucy. Ethel & her are an amazing duo, their give & take is something to note. Lucy's magnetic pull towards trouble is predictable, but you know what? So is a lot of my other favorite shows. Nothing works out for Liz Lemon (but she gets by,) Jim will almost always beat Dwight, The Simpsons learn a valuable/comical lesson - the list goes on. But what I really love, is sitting down, and knowing I can laugh, always.

Oh Mayberry! It is quite wishful to live in a place where Gomer can (maybe) fix your porch, Aunt Bee makes amazing pies, and Floyd can always git you in for a trim! Let me just say, I am a Don Knotts FAN to the MAX. His scared expression never gets old, and the only better expression is when Barney Fife actually out smarts the bad guy.

Again, classic as ever. I had a VHS tape of the "best" of the Three Stooges. Boy, that got watched SO much! My favorite moment is when they (unbeknownst) trick the hunting club with fake ducks & loudly declare "TO THE HUNT!"  (A Duck Hunting They Did Go sketch)

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