Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Botanical Inspiration

The botanical gardens were very inspiring. Something about cacti makes me want it translated to everything: hair, jewelry, jackets, everything!
                                           I think these lines would make a great brooch.
                                          Hair bobbles.
                                          Print for a lady like dress.
             This stimulates me to think that something that looks dangerous & hard should be soft.
                       The teal & maroon.. nature has a great eye for color.
                                                                       Not only does this look like a healthy version of an onion bloom, I love the white border trim - I love to make borders and boxes around sketches.
                                   Color inspiration! Makes me think of Spring Prada.
  This makes me think of a spike cuffed bracelet where the spikes spiral upwards, or maybe translate it onto jacket sleeves.

Do you see what I mean? I swear I did not take peyote. :)

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