Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Could I love Mad Men more? Turns out... yes!

One of my favorite shows that I love (along with every person with good taste) is Mad Men. Don Draper, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Richard, they are all amazingly characters played by an even more talented cast.

THEN I saw January Jones (drooooool) on the red carpet. Versace!!!!

Could there be anything more perfect? I think her hair was my favorite touch, because it was very underplayed & not the prissy cred carpet hair we usually see. Her dress reminds me of the plastic cup dress Daniel made on Project Runway.IN A GOOD WAY, lol, like the construction (and color duh).

Then there's Christina Hendricks. She is so great with how she deals with her body.

And her great new ads for London Fog where she couldn't be more fitting for the brand.

And now in an amazing Zac Posen dress for the Emmys! When I look at his clothes I see ultra feminine with brains, and that is so fitting for Joan.

Jon Hamm always looks fabulous. Always. (His girlfriend also had a great pick in that Armani dress)

The only thing is, I feel like Elisabeth Moss should have done a (little) more with her hair - who am I to judge? - I do think her dress is a perfect fit for her body, that we know is quite traditional hourglass, thanks to the help of season three's strip to make Stan own up to his words. (One of my favorite parts)

Now my Mad Men inspired Christmas list is starting, posting it tonight by midnight! Enjoy!

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