Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mad Men Inspired Christmas List

With hits like "Plain Jane," "Dream Lover," & "Beyond The Sea" this is a MUST have. Bobby Darin Collection
A little Betty Draper dress never hurt anyone. One of a kind on Etsy, get it if you're lucky!

Vintage clock's are always in. Purchase Here.

What would the list be without a beverage? Pretty penny, but SO worth it.

Peggy is a modest woman, when she wants to be. With lacey scallop edges, you are ready for spring trends.
Cooper doesn't REALLY have to leave....your heart.
                                                                     Art is GOOD.

I want to dress Joan too with the Mad Man Illustrator. Urban Outfitter always has good gifts.

How could we leave out this iconic piece? (Plus, totally handy!) I want this, probably the MOST. =)
I'm sure these are SUPER rare! Lucky Strike Cuff Links.
Lane Pryce would have this at home. Hand Printed!

Joan would NOT wear this to the office, but an office party perhaps. Get it while you can!

The list could not be more complete with a velvet headboard. Only down side is, it makes you wish Betty & Don were still together! Make your home a Draper home.
And of course, learn everything about this show at AMC's website.

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