Thursday, September 15, 2011

Give Me Proenza Schouler

    "Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have been looking at Googie architecture—the Jetsons moderne style that found expression in 1950s Southern California diners and Miami Beach hotels—and worked their own special magic on elements of the genre."

      Even without explanation, I could see a very definite point of view of the past & quite honestly it was not that long ago. Swimsuit material used on jackets, bold cuts on pockets & big polished buttons. Then there are looks that we thought were "futuristic" in the 60's that now just look old & dated & can only be seen as coming from that period in time. 

       I can't say they were going for this, but, the zebra & kind of plaster ceiling/acid wash prints really just felt like it was taken straight off of 80's skate pants. And if we are being honest, I completely love it. Each piece got better & better as it followed (my favorite full looks being the end florals) while this geometirc long sleeve shirt* easily won my heart for favorite stand alone piece.



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