Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pixels At Preen

      Preen Spring 2012, great mixes of pastels,whites, & bright. Throw in dark floral with ruffles. “We’ve been looking at flowers, the idea of Victorian glass houses and reading Virginia Woolf,” said Thornton. “But we never want to make the influences look literal,” Bregazzi added. The pastel checks they started with began life as “pixilated blow-ups of a peony.”

      There were many pieces that did not involve pixels, but I really was drawn to those. Something about modernizing something as retro as a constant square pattern or patch. I also find the contrast between the dark floral & pixels so dramatic that, of course, I am drawn to it. Our eyes are naturally drawn to bold differences like where black & white meet. Those floral prints are so romantic, how can one resist?

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